Sam’s Casino and Good Times

Sam’s Casino had a legacy Micros 9700 POS system that was not keeping up with current technologies.

Yellofin worked with Sam’s Casino on the integration of Signature Systems POS across entire property.

Prior to Yellofin

Sam’s Casino and Good Times was using Micros 9700. This system was installed in 2007. Although it performed as needed when installed, technology across the rest of the property advanced, while Micros technology remained stagnant. The Micros system they purchased in 2007 was now a series of Band-Aids years later.

For example, the data from food outlets had to be manually added to the enterprise’s data warehouse each week, because it wasn’t compatible with the property’s Oracle database.

Sam’s Casino and Good Times
Clinton, NY

– 2500 slot machines
– 500 table games
– 2 hotel towers
– 750 rooms
– 10 food outlets
– 6 shopping outlets
– Spa
– Golf Course
– Pool with cabanas

Tipping Point

Sam’s Casino needed a change.

Yellofin worked with Sam’s Casino on the specification for a new point of sale system that integrated with the entire property and the enterprise data warehouse.

The Signature Systems POS was installed in August 2019.


The development of the Signature Systems POS took 6 weeks from specification to integration. The change from Micros 9700 to Signature Systems required the point of sale at Sam’s Casino and Good Times to be down for one night mid-week to minimize disruption.

When the system was turned on, everything worked. The staff at Sam’s Casino had been trained by Signature Systems over the course of two weeks, so they had no issue learning the new interface.

Signature Systems now provides reporting that Sam’s Casino needs, integrates with every function of the casino resort, and provides data real time to the enterprise data warehouse.

According the Sam C, the General Manager at Sam’s Casino and Good Times:

This is hands down the best POS I have ever used. Yellofin was a dream to work with. They introduced us to Signature Systems, and I can’t believe how great this thing is. I love it. I wish I could get one for my house.

We are so happy that we were able to help Sam’s Casino and Good Times with their point of sale needs.