Connecting Casino Resorts to the Services they Need

Your property needs services and we can help. Providing an all-in Point of Sale (POS) solution for your property, American-made furniture for your hotel, interactive gaming machines for your players, and much more, Yellofin offers the truly best in casino and hospitality services and products.




Yellofin is partnered with carefully selected providers to furnish and accessorize your hotel rooms, banquet and convention, and offices.

  • Artone manufactures custom hotel room furniture and casegoods in New York. Every piece is Made in the USA by expert craftsmen.
  • Gary Platt manufactures seating for your hotel’s banquet space, convention area, and office spaces.
  • Penridge Global provides textiles, bedding, and linens for hotels and casino resorts.

hotel furniture

“I can’t find American-made furniture for our property’s hotel.”

Are you having a challenge sourcing American-made furniture for your new hotel, expansion, or renovation? Are you only able to find furniture made in China, where quality is uncertain, possibly unsafe for your guests, and tariffs are in question?

Yellofin offers custom American-made furniture. Artone, LLC manufactures hand crafted furniture in Jamestown, New York.


“We need comfortable seating for our guests and employees.”

Comfort for your guests is obviously important. They are paying for your space and the services you provide.

Your employees‘ comfort is equally as important. Their hard work and their health deserve comfort seating while at work.

Yellofin offers the most comfortable banquet, and office chairs. Gary Platt manufactures seating for your guests and employees.

hotel textiles

“Our hotel needs quality drapes and bedding for each room. And we need it for a reasonable price.”

From the most durable and darkest black out curtains available, to specialty bedding that can be customized to your brand, your hotel can have it all for a reasonable price.

Yellofin offers a complete solution for your hotel rooms. Penridge Global provides stock or custom textiles for each room in your hotel.



Yellofin has partners that provide critical components to run your business, power your business, and support your business.

  • Signature Systems point of sale (POS) integrates every function and amenity at your resort with your loyalty program. All development is done in-house in SSI’s Pennsylvania headquarters.
  • Bantam Clean Power provides power conditioning and surge protection for all of your resort’s devices.
  • Windstream Enterprises offers networking, communications, and security for your resort and entire enterprise.

point of sale

“My business is unique, so I need a POS system with cost effective, custom integrations.”

Does that describe your business? Because we hear that a lot from Loyalty and F&B managers who need an integrated system, and from your staff who actually interfaces with the POS.

Yellofin offers the best POS that you’ve never heard of. Signature Systems (SSI) is an all-in-one POS system, where all development and integration is done in-house.

power regulation

“I need reliable surge protection to ensure every terminal and machine are in continuous operation.”

You know that if any slot machine, POS terminal, or even back of house systems go down, you lose revenue opportunity immediately, plus the cost to repair your equipment.

Yellofin offers Bantam Clean Power, which has patented, military grade power conditioning and surge protection that can adapt to any load and withstand any power fluctuations.

IT solutions

“I’m concerned about the security of our network and data, and our phone systems are out date.”

Network and data security has never been more critical. If Target, Equifax and, Amazon can get hacked, how protected is your information?

Yellofin offers solutions for your property’s networking, communications, and security. Windstream Enterprises provides IT solutions for casinos, hotels, resorts, and enterprises.

Gaming Devices


Yellofin is also about fun! We are partnered with two gaming providers that develop entertaining machines for your casino’s players.

    • Gamblit Gaming develops interactive gaming machines that focus on FUN for your players and incremental revenue to the casino.
    • Jackpot Digital provides the only electronic poker table on the market – Jackpot Blitz.

slot machines

“My slot players want games that are actually fun.”

Providing your players with interactive games from Gamblit adds entertainment and variety to your slot mix. With well known titles like Pac Man and Deal or No Deal, popular mobile apps like Catapult King and Cut the Rope, and also engaging proprietary content, your players have never had so much fun at your casino!

Yellofin offers Gamblit Gaming* games that attracts players to the machine, and keeps players engaged.

(*available in New York, Florida, cruise lines, and Caribbean)

electronic poker

“My poker dealers are unreliable.”

“I want to offer poker but I’m only allowed electronic tables.”

Do you experience either of those challenges? Did you know that there is now a solution?

Yellofin offers the only electronic poker table available. Jackpot Blitz from Jackpot Digital plays just like regular poker, but without the need for a dealer. You can finally offer live poker and tournaments to your guests!

B2B Partners


Yellofin has a serious side too. We are partnered with an investment banking firm to finance your new venture.

    • The Peakstone Group provides world class investment banking for the middle market.

investment banking

“My project needs financing and I need to find a partner that I can trust.”

Financing new projects and expansions is important for the growth of your company. Finding the right partner to raise capital for those projects, while providing the best strategic guidance, is critical.

Yellofin offers The Peakstone Group, who works with middle market companies as a strategic partner for Capital Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Advisory.

Meet your Yellofin Team

Paul Benevich

As Director of Sales at Yellofin, Paul has always had a little bit of MacGyver in him and it goes beyond his beautifully sculpted Mullet in high school. Paul’s ability to create a business from a pair of pliers, some string and duct tape has been his superpower.

Paul’s career has always been about building companies. Paul has been founding, co-founding and working with startups for more than 20 years.

Paul specializes in helping companies take a concept, market test it and then successfully bring it to the marketplace. This is where his MacGyver skills come in handy.

Paul has learned not to overthink a concept, but to quickly create a strategy, take it to the market to get feedback and let the customers tell you how to best proceed. Then build the company around the needs of the customers.

One of Paul’s greatest strengths is his ability to find a simplified solution to what looks to be a complicated problem.

Paul is an expert at partnership development.

Paul has founded Electronic Sports (Acquired 2001), and been part of founding teams with successful startups such as Dude I need A Truck and Staff Ranker, Inc.

Yellofin: Director of Sales
Electronic Sports, Inc.: Founder/CEO
Dude I Need A Truck: Founding Team Member
Staff Ranker, Inc.: Co-Founder

Pepperdine University: Master of International Business
Purdue University: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and English (dual major)

Mike Jacobs

As Director of Sales at Yellofin, Mike’s career path has been modeled after Daniel LaRusso. Like Daniel-son, Mike didn’t realize at the time that he was being trained.

Wax On, Wax Off: Mike started his career as an engineer, learning, and mastering the project scope to completion skills and managing technical projects.

Sand The Floor: After mastering engineering skills, Mike entered the gaming industry as an analyst at Harrah’s Entertainment (now Caesars). He learned the gaming industry from the operator side, continuously honing his gaming analytical skills.

Paint The Fence: Concurrent working back of house, Mike worked overtime for free as Assistant Casino Manager on the floor at Harrah’s Las Vegas on Friday swing shift. This was to proactively gain more skills, while Mr. Miyagi went fishing.

Paint The House: Mike took his skills to Konami Gaming where he was Director of Product Management. He built a team, created the product analytics strategy, and developed the product plan. Gaming became muscle memory.

Now all of Mike’s skills learned from his varied background are put into practice to win the All-Valley Karate Tournament for Yellofin’s customers.

Yellofin: Director of Sales
Konami Gaming: Director of Product Management
Caesars Entertainment: Gaming Analyst
Caesars Entertainment: Database Analyst
Harrah’s Las Vegas: Assistant Casino Manager
LXE: Mechanical Project Engineer

Vanderbilt University: Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics (dual major)

Sam Constantino

As the founder and owner of Yellofin, Sam’s career path has been modeled after Rocky Balboa.

Sam’s sales career started at PAR Technology, a leading point of sale (POS) company based in New York. Jumping in right out of college made Sam an immediate underdog.

That first sale was Sam’s “Apollo“. People counted him out.

But Sam kept training. He had the Eye of the Tiger. And soon became a legend as the top sales person at PAR.

After 13 years at PAR, Sam moved on to a new challenge as Director of Sales at Konami Gaming in Las Vegas. Nobody gave Rocky a chance to beat Ivan Drago, as few people thought that Sam would succeed in the gaming industry.

However, with Sam’s unconventional methods, i.e. caring more about the success of his customers than just closing the sale, Sam not only met, but he far exceeded his quotas with Konami.

Now Sam owns his own company called Yellofin utilizing his years of experience in both POS and gaming, and leading with the simple mission to be ultimate champ of providing service and honesty to Yellofin’s customers.

Yellofin: Founder
Signature Systems, Inc.: Vice President of Sales and Business Development (current)
Gamblit Gaming: Senior Account Executive
R2 Gaming: Vice President Sales and Business Development
Konami Gaming: Director of Sales – Regional Games & Systems Business Development
PAR Technology: Director of Sales and Business Partner Development – North America

Pepperdine University: Master of Business Administration
University of Rochester: Bachelor or Arts, Religion and Classics

Yellofin, Inc. started with a vision for casino resorts

With considerable experience in both the Point-of-Sale business and the gaming industry, Sam knows first hand that casinos and resorts only had two choices for POS: a legacy product that hadn’t been improved in years, and one that required far too much integration from developers that are usually overseas.

Sam saw an opportunity. Casinos and resorts should no longer have to rely on hard to configure POS systems, that required too much development, and are a challenge to integrate with their property.

Enter Signature Systems, Inc. (SSI), aka the best point of sale you’ve never heard of. Sam found the Ace-In-Hole for casinos. SSI’s capabilities to integrate an entire casino resort, while all development is done in-house, is exactly what the gaming industry needs.

Yellofin is a sales agent for SSI, covering the gaming vertical, in order to provide casinos and resorts a point of sale alternative that actually works for you.

Today, Yellofin offers a suite of products and services

Each of our partners is hand selected to provide a comprehensive solution for casino resorts and hotels.

Casino resort and hotel furnishings

  • American made furniture for hotels. Artone, LLC manufactures custom furniture for new hotels and hotel renovations in their Jamestown, NY factory.
  • Chairs for banquet rooms and offices. Gary Platt manufactures the most comfortable chairs in the industry for your guests and employees.
  • Curtains and bedding for hotels. Penridge Global fabricates the most durable, patented black out curtains, and bedding for your hotel.

Technologies for casinos, resorts, and hotels

  • Point of Sale for resorts. Signature Systems is a POS system that fully integrates every amenity and touch point at a property with your loyalty program.
  • Power regulation. Bantam Clean Power provides power regulation and surge protection for every electrical device on your property.
  • IT Solutions for casinos and enterprises. Windstream Enterprises provides networking and connectivity, phone, and security.

Casino gaming machines

  • Slot machines. Gamblit Gaming develops gaming machines that focus on entertaining the player with interactive content.
  • Electronic poker tables for gaming. Jackpot Digital has a patented electronic poker table that plays just like live poker, but without the need for a dealer, cards, or chips.

Investment banking for resorts

  • Investment banking. The Peakstone Group is your strategic partner for Capital Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Advisory for middle market companies.

Yellofin’s Value Add

When you choose to use the services of one of our partners, we are there with you from Day 1, through your RFP and ordering process, to the delivery and installation, and to make sure you get the support you need.

Yellofin does more than introduce our exceptional partner companies to our clients in the casino resort and hospitality industries. We work with our clients to explain the value that each of our partners provide. We work with our partners to ensure that our clients’ needs are met.

No casino or hotel is too small, and no enterprise is too large. Yellofin and our partners are here to make your business a success.

Although our partners exceed in professionalism, it is good to know that you have Yellofin on your side.

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