Connecting your Company to the Hospitality and Casino Resort Industry
Yellofin is a consulting and sales organization introducing products and services to the Hospitality and Casino Resort Industry.

Consulting Services

Yellofin works with clients to build and improve their sales strategy as well as streamline sales processes along the way

> Build and optimize sales organizations

> Audit for sales inefficiencies and sales gaps

> Build effective sales teams

> Create repeatable and scalable processes

Outsourced Services

Yellofin becomes an outsourced extension of your internal sales team with the goal of introducing your solution into the hospitality and casino resort market or new solutions into these markets

> Launch new solutions into existing markets

> Introduce existing solutions into new markets

> Market testing new products/solutions

> Market growth & customer acquisition

How We Make it Happen

Yellofin provides sales insight for companies in the hospitality vertical

Sales Insight

We believe the quickest way  to understand your solution, sales process and customer marketplace is to actually go out and sell your solution.

Yes, we get in the trenches from day one to immerse ourselves in your sales process, whether it is launching a new product into the hospitality and casino resort marketplace or evaluating your current marketplace. Once we have experienced it first hand, we can then leverage our previous sales experience and improve on it.

Yellofin consults companies in the hospitality vertical on their sales process to increase internal efficiencies and maximize sales

Sales Process

Building a strong sales infrastructure is key to scaling your business. From targeting the right customers, to cold calling and drip marketing campaigns, to streamlining the steps for closing a customer.

Yellofin helps improve the efficiency of each sales step, and works with your company to automate as many processes as possible. We found that small efficiencies can improve sales production resulting in significant positive impacts on future revenues.

Yellofin helps companies in the hospitality industry increase their sales, both by consultation and by acting as a sales agent

Sales Performance

Everything we do at Yellofin is with the goal of improving sales performance for our customers.

We realize that all the strategy and process improvements are wasted time without executing on that plan and ensuring those process improvements stick.

That means we at Yellofin are revenue generators first and foremost. Strategy and process improvements are important but increased revenues is what we are all about.

Meet your Yellofin Team

Sam Constantino

As the founder and owner of Yellofin, Sam’s career path has been modeled after Rocky Balboa.

Sam’s sales career started at PAR Technology, a leading point of sale (POS) company based in New York. Jumping in right out of college made Sam an immediate underdog.

Sam had the Eye of the Tiger and soon became a legend as one of the top sales people at PAR.

After 13 years at PAR, Sam moved on to a new challenge as Director of Sales at Konami Gaming in Las Vegas. Nobody gave Rocky a chance to beat Ivan Drago, as few people thought that Sam would succeed in the gaming industry. However, with Sam’s unconventional methods, i.e. caring more about the success of his customers than just closing the sale, Sam not only met, but he far exceeded his quotas with Konami.

Now Sam owns his own company called Yellofin utilizing his years of experience in both POS and gaming, and leading with the simple mission to be ultimate champ of providing service and honesty to Yellofin’s customers.

Yellofin: Founder
PartTech Technology Director, Hardware Sales
Signature Systems, Inc.: Vice President of Sales and Business Development
Gamblit Gaming: Senior Account Executive
R2 Gaming: Vice President Sales and Business Development
Konami Gaming: Director of Sales – Regional Games & Systems Business Development
PAR Technology: Director of Sales and Business Partner Development – North America

Pepperdine University: Master of Business Administration
University of Rochester: Bachelor or Arts, Religion and Classics

Mike Jacobs

As Director of Sales at Yellofin, Mike’s career path has been modeled after Daniel LaRusso.

Wax On, Wax Off: Mike started his career as an engineer, learning, and mastering the project scope to completion skills and managing technical projects.

Sand The Floor: After mastering engineering skills, Mike entered the gaming industry as an analyst at Harrah’s Entertainment (now Caesars). He learned the gaming industry from the operator side, continuously honing his gaming analytical skills.

Paint The Fence: Concurrent working back of house, Mike worked overtime for free as Assistant Casino Manager on the floor at Harrah’s Las Vegas on Friday swing shift. This was to proactively gain more skills, while Mr. Miyagi went fishing.

Paint The House: Mike took his skills to Konami Gaming where he was Director of Product Management. He built a team, created the product analytics strategy, and developed the product plan. Gaming became muscle memory.

Now all of Mike’s skills learned from his varied background are put into practice to win the All-Valley Karate Tournament for Yellofin’s customers.

Yellofin: Director of Sales
Konami Gaming: Director of Product Management
Caesars Entertainment: Gaming Analyst
Caesars Entertainment: Database Analyst
Harrah’s Las Vegas: Assistant Casino Manager
LXE: Mechanical Project Engineer

Vanderbilt University: Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics (dual major)

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson is the Uncle Buck of Yellofin.  He’s knowledgable, loyal, fun to be around and has a story for every possible situation.

Mike’s career has always been about building relationships coupled with a strong background in Program Management.  Mike still brags about his early days in the automobile industry and his love for cars. However, he spent the bulk of his career (33 years) with PAR Tech managing major POS implementations for the likes of:  McDonald’s, KFC and Taco Bell across North America.

In the final years of his career, Uncle Buck has decided to share his unlimited wisdom with the cast at Yellofin.  Mike understands the product lines, interacts with partners and customers, and manages projects to make sure we deliver on promises.

One of Mikes’s greatest strengths is his ability to find a simplified solution to what looks to be a complicated problem.

Yellofin: Sr. Program Manager
SSI POS: Program Manager
PAR Tech: Sr. Program Manager
Brian Barr Cadillac: Customer Relations Manager

University of Michigan – Flint: Business Management

Marie Constantino

As head of Sales Administration at Yellofin, Marie found the perfect entree back into the business world.

Her path to Yellofin wasn’t exactly by design and could be modeled after Mona Lisa Vito from the 80’s comedy “My Cousin Vinny”.

Almost an empty nester: After leaving work in sales 25 years ago to stay home with their first child, Marie decided that building a “home” was a great full-time role as Sam and Marie raised four children and 3 dogs over the past 26 years.  With only one child left in the house, it was time to go back to work…but where after all of these years?

Support?  Is that what you want?  I’m sorry, you were wonderful in there:  Nobody knows Sam, Yellofin, and the cast of characters better than Marie.  Furthermore, she knows how to put all of them in their place, can chat with almost anyone about anything and brings organization to the sales process.

Yellofin: Sales Administrator
MC Acquisitions and Enterprises: Founder
Constantino’s of Clinton: Buyer, Homemaker, the Glue

SUNY Cortland: BA, Art History, Criticism and Conservation

Paul Benevich

As a consultant to Yellofin, Paul has always had a little bit of MacGyver in him and it goes beyond his beautifully sculpted Mullet in high school. Paul’s ability to create a business from a pair of pliers, some string and duct tape has been his superpower. Paul specializes in helping companies take a concept, market test it and then successfully bring it to the marketplace. This is where his MacGyver skills come in handy.

Paul has learned not to overthink a concept, but to quickly create a strategy, take it to the market to get feedback and let the customers tell you how to best proceed. Then build the company around the needs of the customers.

Artone, LLC: Business Development
Yellofin: Director of Sales
Electronic Sports, Inc.: Founder/CEO
Dude I Need A Truck: Founding Team Member
Staff Ranker, Inc.: Co-Founder

Pepperdine University: Master of International Business
Purdue University: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and English (dual major)

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